Five Things You Should Know About Cupcakes

It is undeniable that cupcakes are excellent gifts for any occasion. They are a sensational alternative to followers and affordable making them appropriate for personalized gifts. If the recipient is a sports fan, you make the icing on top similar to that of their favorite team, and probably add a miniature golf ball or a ball relating to their favorite sport.

One notable and unique feature in them is that they use sweeteners. However, one needs to understand the difference between sugar and sweeteners. It is important to understand that using sweeteners as a refined sugar replacement is essential to the taste of the final product. Sugar gives the characteristic of a fine finished product that is beyond its natural sweetness and delivers moisture and it gets liquid and tender while baking. It also caramelizes at top baking temperatures giving the baked goods a nice brown finish, which also extends the cupcakes shelf life.

When baking cakes, it is imperative that you use fresh ingredients including eggs. A seasoned chef understands the need to use fresh products, as this will determine the difference between a masterpiece cake and an amateur cake. The cakes will also taste better and last longer. When it comes to baking as a whole the freshness of eggs is of paramount importance and is non-ignorable.

The way to tell if eggs are fresh is by reading the carton or packaging, and there you will see the sell by date, below that you will also see the date when they were packed, all this information is enough to tell you if the eggs are good for cupcakes or not. Alternatively, you can use the traditional method of dipping the egg in water and if the egg sinks to the bottom it is fresh, if it floats then the egg is stale.

The other thing that one needs to know about cupcakes is about the differences in baking soda and backing powder. These two ingredients are not interchangeable and can make the difference between a fluffy cake and a failed one. Most people are familiar with backing soda, and its ability to create bubbles. It contains sodium bicarbonate and has additional ingredients that make it suitable for baking recipes.

Baking soda on the other hand, has natural cleaning agents making it a great fridge deodorizer. However, this ingredient is less stable in high temperatures and not suitable for some baking projects. It is suitable for cookies and pancakes but not for cakes. It also has other ingredients that reduces its flavor and delay the reaction rate producing different results in different products.

Fresh fruits are very important in cupcakes. They influence the flavor greatly and improve the cakes nutritive value. When using fresh fruits you must ensure that they are fresh. You can determine the freshness by how they look and smell. Most farmers pick the fruits when they are still unripe to facilitate storage in containers and where they ripen during shipping.

It is noteworthy that the most common cupcakes baking problems are collapsing, where they come out of the oven without rising. This could be a problem with the oven temperature or the mixing technique used. When they are rising too high, you probably need to reduce the amount of baking powder used, or reduce the amount of batter into each cupcake.