Some Of The Things You Need To Know About Cupcakes

It is no longer uncommon these days to be served in events cupcakes instead of the usual cake. What is genuinely a new experience is when one is treated to an extraordinary display. One can never explained why suddenly it has become very popular, although one thing is for sure everyone just love these miniature cakes.

They are just as good as any dessert that you can have. One can only be tempted to have one especially if it comes in a very eye-catching packaging. They are not only cute but they are just like any cake but only miniature.

Some of the things you need to know about them is how did it all start. As early as 1796 there is already a recorded recipe about a cake in small cup. Nobody can verify that but whoever did invent it did something great for food culture.

In the beginning no one would think of it as something hip but today not only it is hip but extremely trendy. With the help of pop culture where you see them on TV shows and movies. It has now become a billion dollar industry for something that is all about sweets that is truly a sweet deal.

Some things never change. The basic recipe still requires the best ingredients which consist of eggs, flour, sugar and butter. What will separate a good cupcake is the presentation. You can see them served in a variety of ways like as a dessert after supper, special occasion where they have become the dessert of choice.

It will not come as a surprise that local charities also use them to generate funds during a local event or bazaars. It is easy to sell and easy to make some profits to help causes and organizations. You will even see them in an unlikely event such as a Superbowl get together which one may think of being a for men only event. But who says men don’t have sweet tooth as well.

More entrepreneurs are cashing in on this trend. With an endless possibility when it comes to flavors, bakeries and any one that sells them will not run out of ideas which in turn make customers keep on coming back for more. While it is also a growing trend to add more healthy ingredients such as fruits and vegetables and also you can see some sugar free varieties.

What makes them visually appealing are the frosting and toppings. Some of the best samples are chocolate, orange-flavored and vanilla frosting. You see a lot of chocolate chip toppings and sprinkles. What is important is that they complement the cake’s flavor and taste.

The possibilities are just endless. That is why it is a growing industry thanks to the sweet tooth of millions of people who would buy them on a regular basis. It is a simple treat each one of us deserve to have. While you may feel guilty finishing a slice of cake you never quite have the same feeling when you eat cupcakes. It gives you the best way to give in to your sweet cravings.