Red Velvet Cupcakes

Facts About Red Velvet Cupcakes

Facts about red velvet cupcakes can be really shocking to those who do not know much about them. These are a popular dessert in this day and time, and are served in just about any bakery. Most will declare this as their favorite. They are served at many different functions and gatherings as a delectable treat. They can also be topped and decorated with several frosting types.

People are usually surprised to find out that these decadent desserts are actually chocolate cupcakes. Once the concept is explained on how they got their name, it is better understood where the name derived from.

For years, people have been making this cupcake dessert. It is not as hard as it sounds to make. There are so many recipes to choose from when preparing to make this dessert that you almost cannot go wrong. The key to making the cupcakes moist, tender, light and fluffy is to follow the recipe to the letter and no use substitutions. Many of these recipes can be found on the internet or in cookbooks. Bakeries have them on hand almost always, and keep them immediately available for orders.

Such treats as red velvet cupcakes are good to serve when you want to impress guests. For weddings they are used to make a tasty treat. Since there are many functions and occasions on which they can be served, they are made in different varieties that suit the occasions. In addition to weddings, they are used on Valentines Day and bridal showers. They bring an elegant touch to just about any party or group event.

Although these snacks are pleasant and trendy, a lot of people do not know that they are actually chocolate! They get their name because their color is a distinct deep red. Cocoa was lighter back in the day, and when a chemical reaction occurred it produced a red color. The acid found in buttermilk mixed with the unprocessed cocoa caused this chemical reaction. This cocoa can still be found, but most will just use a red food coloring now-a-days. Lighter cocoa is preferable since unlike food coloring, it does not put chemicals into your body.

Decorating these cupcakes can be so much fun! Using a traditional recipe will call for boiled frosting. In these modern days boiled frosting may not sound like something that can be done. It is referred to as boiled frosting because the process to make it include boiling some of the ingredients. A cream cheese frosting is more commonly used today. Any type of topping such as candy melts or rainbow sprinkles will add just the right touch.

Small portions of the cupcakes are recommended for those who are looking to shed weight or do not want to put on too many pounds. They are so good to eat, yet high in calories. It is best to eat them in small portions and not frequently.

Red velvet cupcakes are a dessert that can last for up to two weeks. A lot would depend on the type of frosting used on them. Of course a cream cheese frosting or a butter cream frosting would need to be kept in the refrigerator covered up. For the most part, one will be able to tell when it is time to get rid of them.